"The biggest change at this car wash location is that we will NOT be offering interior cleaning. As management, we have decided to focus entirely on express exterior hand car washing to offer our customers the best vehicle cleaning. 

Foster City Touchless Car Wash prepaids can be redeemed at any of these following locations. Customers can also have the option to exchange one full service prepaid for two exterior washes for the Foster City location. 

We understand that transitions and changes like this are uncomfortable for our daily lifestyles, but we want to ensure you that we are passionate about our business and that will show in our work. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us through our contact page for any additional questions or concerns."

- Jonny & Jeff



why choose us?


Hand car wash cleaning done right. We believe that employee processing is critical for a CLEAN
vehicle and ensure you that our staff is working at the highest level. 



Time is on everyone's mind and we do not want to waste yours. We choose to not rush our work, so that we can get it right the first time. If we didn't, you can be confident in your purchase with our Clean Car Guarantee.



Home grown in the Bay Area, we understand how important the environment is. Our facility boasts a water reclaim system that allows us to reuse water multiple times cutting our consumption by 85%.